Nextack 6C

Stack Type Flexco Printing Machine

Nextack 6c printing machine designed for off-line, reel-to-reel applications, with a solid and reliable structure suitable for large printing widths and runs.

Colours 6
Print Width (mm)  370-2370
Min. Repeat (mm)  350
Max. Repeat (mm)  1200
Max. Speed (m/dak)  350
Driving Style 6+0    |    5+1    |    4+2    |    3+3
Dimension (m) W : 4,5       L : 9      H : 3,5

Stack Type Flexco Printing Machine

Flexo printing machine Nextack 8c is a stack type machine that provides quality prints in 1000-2400mm. With a speed of 1200m/min.

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