Coating Lines

Laminating Machine

Max. Coating Lines with a coil weight of 1200(kg) will increase your strength regardless of job lengths and adhesive types.

Machine Functions Solventless and water based silicone coating to produce jumbo-rolls of siliconised paper  
Materials to be Coated  Thickness tolerance +/-10%maxx.) paper 0.6-2gr/m2 (paper thickness of 30-150 gr/m2) 
Coating  Silicone to put on | Solventless silicone | Dry content 0-5÷5 gr/m2 | Adhesive / solvent concentration 0 | Viscosity less than 1000 CPS | Solvent 0 
Machine Width  Max. nominal width of then film 1600 mm. | Min film width 1400 mm. 
Machin Speed  Max. mechanical speed: 300 m/min, Max operative speed: 250 m/min (diversified according to the product) 
Jumbo-Rolls  Unvinding: Max. jumbo-roll diameter:200 mm / Core inside diameter: 6" (cardboard or plastic) 
Heating  By neutral gas with burning room 
Compressed air pressure  Min. pressure 6 BAR 
Power supply voltage 
Main power: 3 phases - 400V. +/-10% | Services: 110 V. and 220 V. | Frequency: 50 Hz. +/-2%
Machine Colour 
Light grey RAL 7035 

Simple Solutions for Complex Laminating Jobs

Coating Lines max. coil weight 1200(kg) large coil will increase your power with solvent-free and water-based silicone coating for siliconized papers.

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