Athena 16X

6 Colours CI Type Printing Machine

Athena 16x, 6 Color Cl Type Printing Machine, Drive Speed is 300(m/min) and its type is Cl. One point for quality difference in prints.

Colours 8
Print Width (mm)  600 - 1600
Min. Repeat (mm)  350
Max. Repeat (mm)  800
Max. Speed (m/dak)  300
Driving Style Gear driving method
Dimension (m) W : 4,5       L : 10      H : 3,5

The highest and easiest print quality

It will come to the forefront with its quality and speed in the Prints with Cl Type Printing Machine, and the printing width will be 600-1600(mm) and it will be your basis for your competitive power.

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