Easy Flex

6 Colours Stack Type

High Accuracy Printing Decks The printing decks which are mounted on the linear guides have a high accuracy printing. This part works entegrated with high accuracy ball screws which are controlled by the servo motors. Because of these, the print accuracy is 1000 microns.

Colours 6 - 8
Print Width (mm)  600 - 1400
Min. Repeat (mm)  350
Max. Repeat (mm)  800
Max. Speed (m/dak)  200
Driving Style 6+0    |    3+3
Dimension (m) W : 3       L : 6      H : 2,8

Independent Drive With Motorised Registration

The independent drives which pro vides us the unlimited registration option are equipped in every printing deck working in synchronization. Thanks to that, the operator can do every registration adjustment while checking the camera system without going to the decks.

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