Athena 18X

8 Colours CI Serie Printing Machine

The sleeve anilox cylinders which are controlled by the Chamber Doctor Blades have excellent ink transmission. Inking management has control with the HMI panels for viscosimetres and ink washing system. Electrical cabinets can be optionally like a container, also they can be in classical version too. All these cabinets have been equipped with air conditioners.

Colours 8
Print Width (mm)  600 - 1600
Min. Repeat (mm)  350
Max. Repeat (mm)  800
Max. Speed (m/dak)  300
Driving Style Gear driving method
Dimension (m) W : 4,5       L : 10      H : 3,5

High Accuracy Printing Decks

The operator has fully control over all components on the machine with the control panels. The general machine condition, washing system, viscosimeter and the inspection system can be controlled from the HMI panel.

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