MicroSlit 1300

MicroSlit 1300 4.0

Microslit 4.0 with Innovative Technologies

Time saving - Changing slitting width patterns allows the recipe to be reloaded from the HMI or ERP. I-Slit, which converts 12 slitting patterns. Passing the net from winder to winder.

Speed (m/min) 800
Max. Web Width (mm) 1000-1300-1600
Min. Standard Cut (mm)  25
Unwinder Type Electromagnetric brake
Max Diameter (mm) 800
Winder Type Gear driving method 
Max Diameter (mm) 500

Data management + Time saving + Advanced Robotics

Connect to analyse your data - Online Job Monitoring - Job recipe upload from ERP or Cloud - Data transfer with ERP or Cloud - Wireless control - Cloud connectivity to other devices - Robots are programmable machines, usually capable of performing a series of actions independently or autonomously.

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