Our Vision

Flexible packaging sector is the main source that triggered our company's entrepreneurship. From the first machine designs, point we want to achieve is to serve to small number of packaging companies around us effectively and gain new firms for today's most rapidly developing sectors the flexible packaging industry. Our goal is to see more flexible packaging on the shelves, which provides the region with economic benefits and is a determinant of the product's reach to the target audience.

Our company is known for designs to offer solutions to customers' specific sectors of activity. With strong design infrastructure, we offer accurate and customer-centric solutions to many sectors manufacturing reel to reel and with different materials. We are aware that successful designs and applications for the projects, many engineering companies did not dare to undertake, move our company forward and We believe, TCE company's mission to offer new designs with TCE signature under them, running in the industrial sense to our customers. We are working to place TCE among the leading brands of choice of world's countries Converting machinery manufacturing industry.


our expertise

In general terms, our company serves five different sectors.

  • Flexible packaging manufacturers
  • Plastic packaging manufacturers
  • Self adhesive paper manufacturers
  • Self adhesive tape manufacturers
  • Non woven manufacturers.
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